My name is Lou Lovegrove and I am a yoga teacher and an ‘integrated bodywork therapist’: and all that means is that I have learned a lot of amazing treatment techniques in my professional life and I don’t want to be limited by choosing just one! 

I have a degree in Dance and Education. I love to move and I love to teach. I have performed and taught dance. I have been a fitness instructor and a gym manager. I knew how bodies worked and then I learned how to fix them when they went wrong. I went on to work with physiotherapists and to help athletes and Olympians to recover from injury. I have been a qualified remedial massage therapist for over twenty years and now practice a less invasive form of therapy called Myofascial Release. Sometimes I add a little Cranio Sacral Therapy or  MFR to a yoga class; that’s where the integration comes in.

For me, teaching yoga is the pinnacle of my working life. Every exam I have taken and every job I have done has contributed to the teacher I am today. 



Yoga is not about making you ‘better’: there is nothing wrong with you.

I am passionate about sharing yoga and its phenomenal power to make you feel amazing.  I want to help you find the connection between mind, breath and body and make informed choices about your yoga practice.

I believe yoga has to fit your body and the life you lead it’s about doing what’s right for you within safe boundaries , discovering your limits and meeting them softly.

I want to make yoga accessible to people who don’t think it’s for them.  I believe that yoga is for every body, for everyone.  Age, ability, size and gender do not restrict your ability to practise yoga. You just need to be willing, have an open heart and to breathe…

Do you feel tired, stressed, unable to ‘switch off’?

Breath is the bridge between the mind and the body and when we are mindful of this connection I believe there is no limit to what we can achieve.  By harnessing the breath we can let go of the things that do not serve us, such as physical and emotional echoes that we carry around with us and weigh us down.

Do you suffer from chronic aches and pains, or find your range of movement increasingly restricted?

Through yoga we can re-affirm the innate connection we have with our bodies - our bodies know what they need, yoga helps us listen and work with the body rather than against it.  We are so much more powerful when we work with our bodies than when we forge ahead, focused on a goal, ignoring the messages our bodies are sending us.